Tastyworks Referral Program; An Overview

tastyworks believes in helping its customers to invest their money on their own. tastyworks aims to provide its customers with the best possible technology and help them be successful on their own. According to Tastyworks review, tastyworks primarily aim to make the customers understand that it’s way better to have control over your money than letting the money managers and financial advisors control it and putting in the portfolios in an autopilot mode.

The tastyworks Referral Program is a manner in which the team at tastyworks acknowledges each and every person who is newly introduced to tastyworks. To be a part of this program, the user needs to have active, valid, and funded securities with a tastyworks brokerage account & you can know more about it by click here. After each referral code made by the user, the user will receive a Referral Credit. The earned credits can be reclaimed with particular items or cash that will be deposited to the user’s security brokerage account.

How Does tastyworks Referral Program Works

As per the comparison of brokerage firms, the users will have Sign in to tastyworks.com and select the “Generate Referral Link,” which will be found in the “Refer” category. The users will have to click on the link to generate a distinctive link for themselves.

The users will have to share this link with their friends, family, and colleagues or to anyone randomly as well, who is 18 years old or above. The link is supposed to be shared with people who don’t have a security brokerage account at tastyworks.

The person who receives the referral link will have to finish a few steps prior to earning the referral credit:

  1. The Referral should come to tastyworks.com after clicking on the exclusive referral link.
  2. The Referral should let the person open a security brokerage account on tastyworks, which has a valid email address, and the user should add a minimum of $2,000.00 within a span of 60 days after the Tastyworks account is open.

If the Referral that you have received is eligible for a security account at tastyworks and covers all the terms and conditions based on the Referral Program guidelines, then you will receive an update on the profile page regarding the Referral Credit count.

If anyone of the Referral fits according to the above-mentioned guidelines, the users will receive an email notification with provided instruction on how they can avail the referral credits. If the user has an IRA account, the payments will be made through check; if not this, the deposit will be made through the security brokerage account. The redemption for the Referral Credit will be made within 60 days after the redemption request is made. You can redeem your credits according to your convenience. You can also accumulate your credits to redeem higher Referral Credit items.

Based on Ally Invest vs Tastyworks, we found that It’s necessary to check your qualified Referral Credits by registering on the tastyworks platform. The details will appear on the user’s home page after signing in.


The Referral Rewards Available are:

  • On earning 2 Referral Credits, the users will be rewarded with a Google Home worth $150.
  • On earning 5 Referral Credits, the users will be rewarded a Chicago Food Package worth $500.
  • On earning 10 Referral Credits, the users will be rewarded 1Year of High-Speed Internet Access worth $1000
  • On earning 20 Referral Credits, the users can avail of a trip to Chicago for 2. The trip comprises a 1-night hotel stay and a dinner at a Michelin-star restaurant.
  • On earning 50 Referral Credits, the users will be rewarded with an Apple Package worth $5000, which comprises a MacBook Pro, and iPad, and iPhone, and an Apple Watch.
  • On earning 750 Referral Credits, the users will be rewarded with Tesla Model S worth $50,000.